MCQ of Microsoft Excel – Set 12

A new MCQ Questions set on the category of Microsoft Excel. Here in this set you’ll get 10 Multiple Choice Questions related to Microsoft Excel and four options for each questions having only one options correct option. Select your answer first and then check with given correct answer. Correct answers of these Questions are given end of this question set.

Microsoft Excel

Multiple Choice Questions of Microsoft Excel

12-1. What is the shortcut key to insert a new comment in a cell?
A. F2
B. Alt + F2
C. Ctrl + F2
D. Shift + F2

12-2. Which option allows you to Bold all the negative values within the selected cell range:
A. Zero Formatting
B. Conditional Formatting      
C. Compare Formatting
D. Negative Formatting

12-3. What is the shortcut key to insert new sheet in current workbook?
A. F11
B. Alt + F11
C. Ctrl + F11
D. Shift + F11

12-4. Which one is the last column header in Excel 2007?

12-5. In maximum, how many sheets can be set as default while creating new workbook?
A. 254
B. 255
C. 256
D. No Limit

12-6. “New Comment” option can be found under _________ tab
A. Insert
B. Data
C. Review
D. View

12-7. In Excel, by default Numeric Values appears in
A. Left aligned
B. Right aligned
C. Center aligned
D. Justify aligned

12-8. To show/hide the grid lines in Microsoft Excel 2007
A. Page Layout -> Grid lines -> View
B. Insert -> Grid lines -> View
C. View -> Grid lines -> View
D. Edit -> Grid lines -> View

12-9. What will be the result if you type =A1=B1 in cell C1?
A. Yes or No
B. True or False
C. Value of A1
D. Value of B1

12-10. In Excel _______ may not contain in Formula
A. Text Constant
B. Number Constant
C. Circular Reference
D. All of them


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