MCQ of Microsoft Access – Set 6

In Microsoft Access, Data type is a set of qualities that applies to all the values contained in the field and that determines what kind of data those values can be. In this series of Multiple Choice Question set you will get MCQ Questions from Microsoft Access, this is 6th set of this series. All the questions in this set are related to the Data Types of Microsoft Access.

MCQ of Microsoft Access

Multiple Choice Questions of Microsoft Access

6-1  In MS Access, Text Data type may contain maximum character of
A.  255 Character
B.  256 Character
C.  1064 Character
D.  No Limit

6-2  Which of the following is not a valid Data Type in MS Access?
A.  Memo
B.  Picture      
C.  Currency
D.  AutoNumber

6-3  In MS Access “Hyperlink” Data Type can store
A.  Web Address
B.  email Address
C.  Path of a File
D.  All of Above

6-4  Which of the following data type is used to store logical value in MS Access?
A.  True/False
B.  On/Off
C.  Yes/No
D.  All of Above

6-5  The appropriate Data Type to store Time in MS Access?
A.  Date/Time
B.  Time Only
C.  Time
D.  Time cannot be stored

6-6  In MS Access “Lookup Wizard” is used to
A.  to select from previous values
B.  to select values from Excel Sheet
C.  to select value from another table
D.  Not a valid Data Type

6-7  Which of the following Data Type is used to store picture in MS Access
A.  Picture
B.  OLE Object
C.  Memo
D.  Picture cannot be stored

6-8  in MS Access, which data type is appropriate to store large text and numbers?
A.  Text
B.  Memo
D.  Large Text

6-9  in MS Access, OLE Object Data type can store
A.  Microsoft Word documents
B.  Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
C.  Sounds
D.  All of the Above

6-10  in MS Access, AutoNumber Data Type
A.  Can be Sequential
B.  Can be Random
C.  Can be Edited
D.  Only A & B


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1 – A / 2 – B / 3 – D / 4 – C / 5 – A / 6 – C / 7 – B / 8 – B / 9 – D / 10 – D

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    Sir in question no 6-3 the answer should be A) web address hunuparne hoina ra?

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