MCQ of Computer Networking – Set 6

A new set of MCQ Questions with Answer in the Computer Networking category. As usual there are 10 Objective Questions with Answer related to Computer Networking. Four options for each questions and only one options is the correct answer. Correct answers of these MCQ / Objective Questions are given below of this question set.

MCQ Questions of Computer Networking

Multiple Choice Questions of Computer Networking

6-1. What is the IP Address range of APIPA?
A. to
B. to
C. to
D. to

6-2. Which of the following is correct in VLSM?
A. Can have subnets of different sizes
B. Subnets must be in same size            
C. No required of subnet
D. All of above

6-3. What does the port number in a TCP connection specify?
A. It specifies the communication process on the two end systems
B. It specifies the quality of the data & connection
C. It specify the size of data
D. All of the above

6-4. The class-based addressing is also known as
A. Modern Model
B. Classful Model
C. Classless Model
D. Heterogeneous Model

6-5. Which of the following is correct in CIDR?
A. Class A includes Class B network
B. There are only two networks
C. There are high & low class network
D. There is no concept of class A, B, C networks

6-6. What is the size of Source and Destination IP address in IP header?
A. 4 bits
B. 8 bits
C. 16 bits
D. 32 bits

6-7. Which of the following is reliable communication?
D. All of them

6-8. What is the typical range of Ephemeral ports?
A. 1 to 80
B. 1 to 1024
C. 80 to 8080
D. 1024 to 65535

6-9. What is the purpose of the PSH flag in the TCP header?
A. Typically used to indicate end of message
B. Typically used to indicate beginning of message
C. Typically used to push the message
D. Typically used to indicate stop the message

6-10. What is the natural mask for a class C Network?


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1 – C / 2 – A / 3 – A / 4 – B / 5 – D / 6 – D / 7 – A / 8 – D / 9 – A / 10 – B

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  3. srikanta 13 January 2016 at 1:13 PM

    Dear sir,
    in question 6-9) answer is not correct .
    correct explination as follows:

    TCP includes a special “push” function to handle cases where data given to TCP needs to be sent immediately. An application can send data to its TCP software and indicate that it should be pushed. The segment will be sent right away rather than being buffered. The pushed segment’s PSH control bit will be set to one to tell the receiving TCP that it should immediately pass the data up to the receiving application.

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