MCQ of Computer Networking – Set 1

In this series of Multiple Choice Question set you will get MCQ Questions from Computer Networking, Computer Network in a sentence, Collection of Computers and Hardware Components interconnected by various communication channels that allow sharing of resources and information. Here is the first set of this series.

MCQ on Computer Networking

Multiple Choice Questions of Computer Networking

1-1 Computer Network is
A.  Collection of hardware components and computers
B.  Interconnected by communication channels
C.  Sharing of resources and information
D.  All of the Above

1-2 What is a Firewall in Computer Network?
A.  The physical boundary of Network
B.  An operating System of Computer Network      
C.  A system designed to prevent unauthorized access
D.  A web browsing Software

1-3 How many layers does OSI Reference Model has?
A.  4
B.  5
C.  6
D.  7

1-4 DHCP is the abbreviation of
A.  Dynamic Host Control Protocol
B.  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
C.  Dynamic Hyper Control Protocol
D.  Dynamic Hyper Configuration Protocol

1-5 IPV4 Address is
A.  8 bit
B.  16 bit
C.  32 bit
D.  64 bit

1-6 DNS is the abbreviation of
A.  Dynamic Name System
B.  Dynamic Network System
C.  Domain Name System
D.  Domain Network Service

1-7 What is the meaning of Bandwidth in Network?
A.  Transmission capacity of a communication channels
B.  Connected Computers in the Network
C.  Class of IP used in Network
D.  None of Above

1-8 ADSL is the abbreviation of
A.  Asymmetric Dual Subscriber Line
B.  Asymmetric Digital System Line
C.  Asymmetric Dual System Line
D.  Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

1-9 What is the use of Bridge in Network?
A.  to connect LANs
B.  to separate LANs
C.  to control Network Speed
D.  All of the above

1-10 Router operates in which layer of OSI Reference Model?
A.  Layer 1 (Physical Layer)
B.  Layer 3 (Network Layer)
C.  Layer 4 (Transport Layer)
D.  Layer 7 (Application Layer)


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