MCQ of Microsoft PowerPoint – Set 5

Microsoft PowerPoint is widely use application for Presentation. In this MCQ Question set you will get 10 Multiple Choice Questions of Microsoft PowerPoint and four options to each questions, only one options is correct answer. Select your answer and tally with the correct answer given at the bottom of this MCQ Question Set.

MCQ of Microsoft PowerPoint

Multiple Choice Questions of Microsoft PowerPoint

5.1  What is the shortcut key for repeat the recent find?
A.  CTRL + F4
B.  SHIFT + F4
C.  CTRL + F5
D.  SHIFT + F5

5.2  Which is the Shortcut key to start a presentation from the beginning?
A.  F5
B.  ALT + F5      
C.  CTRL + F5
D.  SHIFT + F5

5.3  Which is the shortcut key to jump to the first slide of the presentation?
A.  Home
B.  Alt + Home
C.  Ctrl + Home
D.  Shift + Home

5.4  To select more than one slide in the presentation
A.  Just Click on slide
B.  Ctrl + Click on slide
C.  Alt + Click on slide
D.  Shift + Click on slide

5.5  To place something in the same position on every slide of presentation automatically, insert into
A.  Slide master
B.  Notes master
C.  Handout master
D.  None of the above

5.6  To edit an already inserted embedded organization chart object by
A.  Double Click on the organization chart object
B.  CTRL + Click on the organization chart object
C.  SHIFT + Click on the organization chart object
D.  None of the above

5.7  Shortcut key to insert a hyperlink in a slide
A.  Ctrl + H
B.  Ctrl + K
C.  Hyperlinks can’t be inserted in slides
D.  None of the above

5.8  To draw the Square box in the slide by selecting rectangle tool
A.  Holding CTRL & Draw
B.  Holding ALT & Draw
C.  Holding SHIFT & Draw
D.  All of the above

5.9  What is the maximum zoom percentage in Microsoft PowerPoint?
A.  100%
B.  200%
C.  300%
D.  400%

5.10  Microsoft PowerPoint can insert objects from the following add-ins?
A.  Equation Editor
B.  Organization Chart
C.  Photo Album
D.  All of these


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1 – B / 2 – A / 3 – C / 4 – B / 5 – A / 6 – A / 7 – B / 8 – C / 9 – D / 10 – D

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