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MCQ of Fundamentals of Computer – Set 2

2-1. Which is a semi conductor memory? A.  Dynamic B.  Static C.  Bubble D.  Both a & b 2-2. Which of the following is a read only memory storage device? A.  Floppy Disk B.  CD-ROM      Incoming search terms:When a key is pressed on the keyboard which standard is used for converting the keystroke […]

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MCQ of Fundamentals of Computer – Set 1

1-1. FORTRAN programming language is more suitable for …… A. Business Applications B. Marketing Applications C. Scientific Applications D. None of the above 1-2. Mostly which of the following device is used to carry user files? A. Floppy Disk B. Hard Disk     Incoming search terms:which of the following have the fastest access timea […]

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