MCQ of Database Management System (DBMS) – Set 3

New set of MCQ Questions in the category of Database Management System (DBMS). As usual there are 10 Multiple Choice Questions related to Database Management System and four options for each questions and only one options is the correct answer. Correct answers of these MCQ Questions are given below of this MCQ Question set.

MCQ Questions of Database Management System

Multiple Choice Questions of Database Management Systems (DBMS)

3-1. Who proposed the relational model?
A. Bill Gates
B. E.F. Codd
C. Herman Hollerith
D. Charles Babbage

3-2. Set of premitted values of each attribute is called
A. Domain
B. Tuple
C. Relation
D. Schema

3-3. Which of the following in true regarding Null Value?
A. Null = 0
B. Null < 0
C. Null > 0
D. Null <> 0

3-4. Logical design of database is called
A. Database Instance
B. Database Snapshot
C. Database Schema
D. All of the above

3-5. Snapshot of the dta in the database at a given instant of time is called
A. Database Schema
B. Database Instance
C. Database Snapshot
D. All of the above

3-6. Which of the following is not Unary operation?
A. Select
B. Project
C. Rename
D. Union

3-7. Which of the following is not binary operation?
A. Union
B. Project
C. Set Difference
D. Cartesian Product

3-8. Which of the following is correct regarding Aggregate functions?
A. it takes a list of values and return a single values as result
B. it takes a list of values and return a list of values as result
C. it takes a single value and returns a list of values as result
D. it takes a single value and returns a single value as result

3-9. The Primary key must be
A. Non Null
B. Unique
C. Option A or B
D. Option A and B

3-10. A command to remove a relation from an SQL database
A. Delete table <table name>
B. Drop table <table name>
C. Erase table <table name>
D. Alter table <table name>


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1 – B / 2 – A / 3 – D / 4 – C / 5 – B / 6 – D / 7 – B / 8 – A / 9 – D / 10 – B

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