MCQ of Computer Networking – Set 2

This is another set of MCQ Questions in the category of Computer Networking. In this set as usual you will get 10 Multiple Choice Questions related to Computer Networking and four options for each questions but only one options is the correct answer. This is second set of this series. Correct answers of this MCQ Questions are given below of this question set.

MCQ on Computer Networking

Multiple Choice Questions of Computer Networking

2-1 Each IP packet must contain
A. Only Source address
B. Only Destination address
C. Source and Destination address
D. Source or Destination address

2-2 Bridge works in which layer of the OSI model?
A. Appliation layer
B. Transport layer                   
C. Network layer
D. Datalink layer

2-3 _______ provides a connection-oriented reliable service for sending messages
D. All of the above

2-4 Which layers of the OSI model are host-to-host layers?
A. Transport, Session, Persentation, Application
B. Network, Transport, Session, Presentation
C. Datalink, Network, Transport, Session
D. Physical, Datalink, Network, Transport

2-5 Which of the following IP address class is Multicast
A. Class A
B. Class B
C. Class C
D. Class D

2-6 Which of the following is correct regarding Class B Address of IP address
A. Network bit – 14, Host bit – 16
B. Network bit – 16, Host bit – 14
C. Network bit – 18, Host bit – 16
D. Network bit – 12, Host bit – 14

2-7 The last address of IP address represents
A. Unicast address
B. Network address
C. Broadcast address
D. None of above

2-8 How many bits are there in the Ethernet address?
A. 64 bits
B. 48 bits
C. 32 bits
D. 16 bits

2-9 How many layers are in the TCP/IP model?
A. 4 layers
B. 5 layers
C. 6 layers
D. 7 layers

2-10 Which of the following layer of OSI model also called end-to-end layer?
A. Presentation layer
B. Network layer
C. Session layer
D. Transport layer


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1 – C / 2 – D / 3 – A / 4 – A / 5 – D / 6 – A / 7 – C / 8 – B / 9 – A / 10 – D

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