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MCQ of Microsoft Excel – Set 3

3-1. Which Chart can be created in Excel? A. Area B. Line C. Pie D. All of the above 3-2. What will be the output if you format the cell containing 5436.8 as ‘#,##0.00’? A. 5,430.00 B. 5,436.80

MCQ of Microsoft Excel – Set 2

2-1. An Excel Workbook is a collection of ……. A. Workbooks B. Worksheets C. Charts D. Worksheets and Charts 2-2. What do you mean by a Workspace? A. Group of Columns B. Group of Worksheets

MCQ of Microsoft Excel – Set 1

1-1. Comments put in cells are called ….. A. Smart Tip B. Cell Tip C. Web Tip D. Soft Tip 1-2. Comments can be added to cells using ….. A. Edit -> Comments B. Insert -> Comment    

MCQ of Microsoft Word – Set 5

5-1. When sharing data in Office, the ________ document is the document in which the data was first entered. A. source B. destination C. original D. primary 5-2. Which command is used to establish a link between a source document and a destination document? A. Tools, Link, Documents B. Tools, Link

MCQ of Microsoft Word – Set 4

4-1. When typing in a word field manually, what must you press to insert the code’s braces? A. Ctrl + F6 B. Ctrl + F9 C. Alt + F11 D. Shift + F12 4-2. A word field may consist of an optional field instruction called a(n) ______ A. subdocument B. symbol

MCQ of Microsoft Word – Set 3

This MCQ Questions for those user who wants to test their knowledge in Microsoft Word. There are 10 Questions and below the every question there are four options but only one options is the right answer. Answers of these MCQs are given below. Compare your choice with the answer. 3-1. Which enables us to send the same letter […]