Online Quiz on Microsoft Word – Set 7

This is online quiz on Microsoft Word (Set 7), this Online Quiz is for those user who want to test their knowledge online in Microsoft Word. To attempt this online quiz input your name and click on start button bellow. Each time you attempt this quiz the questions and answer will be randomized.

This online quiz includes the following questions:
1. Which key do you press to force a page break?
2. Which menu do you choose to create footer? (in MS Office 2003)          
3. Which menu do you choose to create header? (in MS Office 2003)
4. Which menu do you choose to shade words and paragraph?
5. to view headers and footers, you must switch to

Online Quiz of Microsoft Word

6. Which of the following can you change using the page setup dialog box?
7. By default, your document prints with:
8. switching between portrait and landscape modes involves the:
9. What happens when you insert an AutoShape by simply clicking in the document?
10. What must be used to control the layering of objects?

You’ll get 10 minutes to answer 10 mcq questions.

Click here for Text MCQ Version of this Online Quiz.

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