MCQ of Web Designing – Set 6

This is another set of MCQ Questions in the category of Web Designing. This series of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) covers Web Deigning Language and Tools such as HTML, XHTML, Java Script, Web Topology & Terminology, Domain Name, Web Hosting & etc. This is the 6th Set of this category.

MCQ on Web Designing

Multiple Choice Questions on Web Designing

6-1. Which HTML Tag will use to scroll a text in web page?
A. <marquee> … </marquee>
B. <scroll> … </scroll>
C. <round> … </round>
D. <go> … </go>

6-2. Which organization defines the Web Standards?
A. Microsoft Corporation
B. IBM Corporation            
C. World Wide Web Consortium
D. Apple Inc.

6-3. How to set a picture as a background web page?
A. <body background= “backpic.gif”>
B. <body background image= “backpic.gif”>
C. <background= “backpic.gif”>
D. <background image= “backpic.gif”>

6-4. Which of following HTML Tag will inserting a line break?
A. <p />
B. <lb />
C. <br />
D. <break />

6-5. Which of the following tags are related to Table in HTML ?
A. <table> <row> <column>
B. <table> <tr> <td>
C. <table> <head> <body>
D. <table> <header> <footer>

6-6. Which of the following is correct HTML for inserting an image?
A. <image source= “” alt= “This is me” />
B. <img src= “” alt= “This is me” />
C. <img source= “” alt= “This is me” />
D. <img alt= “This is me”></img>

6-7. Choose the correct HTML tag to left-align the content of a cell.
A. <tdleft>
B. <td leftalign>
C. <td valign= “left”>
D. <td align= “left”>

6-8. Which tag is used to lists the items with bullets?
A. <bullet>…</bullet>
B. <list>…</list>
C. <ul>…</ul>
D. <ol>…</ol>

6-9. Is it possible to insert a table within another table?
A. Yes, but there must be exactly 2 rows and 2 columns in first table.
B. Yes, table can be inserted into cell of another table.
C. Yes, but there must be no border in second table.
D. No, it’s not possible.

6-10. What is the usage of alt value in <img> tag?
A. Alternative text for an Image
B. Alternative source of an Image
C. Caption of an Image
D. All of above


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1 – A / 2 – C / 3 – A / 4 – C / 5 – B / 6 – B / 7 – D / 8 – C / 9 – B / 10 – A

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