MCQ of PHP (Php Hypertext Preprocessor) – Set 3

This is new MCQ Questions with Answer on the category of PHP Scripting Language. In this MCQ Set you will get 10 Objective Questions with Answer related to PHP – Php Hypertext Pre-processor. As usual four options are given to each questions as possible answer but only one option is the correct answer, select your answer and check with the given correct answer. Correct answer are given below of the MCQ Sets.

MCQ of PHP Scripting Language

Multiple Choice Questions of PHP
(Php Hypertext Pre-processor) Language

3-1. PHP is a ______ typed language.
A. User
B. Loosely
C. Server
D. System

3-2. What does fopen() function do in PHP?
A. It used to open files in PHP
B. It used to open Remote Server      
C. It used to open folders in PHP
D. It used to open Remote Computer

3-3. Where session_start() function must appear in PHP?
A. Anywhere
B. With <html> tag
C. After <html>tag
D. Before <html> tag

3-4. What does the PHP Interpreter do?
A. It translates User Language to System Language
B. It creates connection between ISP & Server
C. It processes the HTML and PHP files
D. All of these

3-5. Which of the following is used to add comments in PHP?
A. //
B. /* … */
C. & … &
D. Only A & B

3-6. What does sprintf() function do in PHP?
A. it sends output to a variable
B. it prints the output of program
C. it sends output to a variable converting into string
D. it prints the output of program converting into string

3-7. Variables are case-sensitive in PHP?
A. True
B. False

3-8. Which function displays the information about PHP?
A. info()
B. sysinfo()
C. phpinfo()
D. php_info()

3-9. What does isset() function do in PHP?
A. There is no such function in PHP
B. It checks whether variable is set or not
C. It checks whether variable is free or not
D. It checks whether variable is string or integer

3-10. How PHP files can be accessed?
A. Through Web Browser
B. Through HTML files
C. Through Web Server
D. All of Above


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