MCQ of PHP (Php Hypertext Preprocessor) – Set 1

This is new Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Questions) of PHP with Answer on the Category of PHP (Php Hypertext Preprocessor). In this Question set you will get 10 Objective Questions of PHP with Answer related to PHP (Php Hypertext Preprocessor). Four options are given to the each question and only one options is the correct one. Select your option and check with given correct answer. Correct answer are given the below of this questions set.


Multiple Choice Questions of PHP
(Php Hypertext Preprocessor)

1-1. PHP Stands for
A. Php Hypertext Processor
B. Php Hypertext Preprocessor
C. Php Hypermarkup Preprocessor
D. Php Hypermarkup Processor

1-2. PHP is _______ scripting language.
A. Server-side
B. Clint-side      
C. Middle-side
D. Out-side

1-3. PHP scripts are executed on _________
A. ISP Computer
B. Client Computer
C. Server Computer
D. It depends on PHP scripts

1-4. PHP Scripts starts with ________
A. <php> … </php>
B. <?php …. ?>
C. ?php … ?php
D. <p> … </p>

1-5. Which of the following statements prints in PHP?
A. Out
B. Write
C. Echo
D. Display

1-6. In PHP, each statement must be end with ______
A. . (dot)
B. ; (semicolon)
C. / (slash)
D. : (colon)

1-7. In PHP Language variables name starts with _____
A. ! (Exclamation)
B. & (Ampersand)
C. * (Asterisk)
D. $ (Dollar)

1-8. In PHP Language variables are case sensitive
A. True
B. False
C. Depends on website
D. Depends on server

1-9. In PHP a variable needs to be declare before assign
A. True
B. False
C. Depends on website
D. Depends on server

1-10. Which of the following is not the scope of Variable in PHP?
A. Local
B. Global
C. Static
D. Extern


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