MCQ of Operating Systems – Set 7

This is new MCQ Question set in the category of Operating System. In this Question set you will get 10 Multiple Choice Questions related to Operating Systems, this is 7th set of this series. First select your option and check with the given answer. Correct answer of these questions is given below of this Question set.

MCQ of Operating Systems

Multiple Choice Questions of Operating Systems

7-1. Paging is implemented in
A. Operating System
B. Hardware
C. Software
D. All of them

7-2. Page-Table length register (PTLR) indicates size of
A. Page Table
B. Paging File
C. Main Memory
D. Virtual Memory

7-3. Bring a page into memory only when it is needed is called
A. Demand Memory
B. Demand Paging
C. Page Fault
D. Page Segmentation

7-4. Which of the following is not the approach to Handling Deadlocks
A. Deadlock Prevention
B. Deadlock Avoidance
C. Detect & Recover
D. Virtual Memory

7-5. Which scheduler selects which processes should be brought into the ready queue?
A. Real-term
B. Long-term
C. Mid-term
D. Short-term

7-6. Dived logical memory into blocks with the same size as frames are called
A. Pages
B. Frames
C. Page Table
D. Segmentation

7-7. Which memory allocation policy allocate the largest hole to the process?
A. Best-Fit
B. Worst-Fit
C. First-Fit
D. None of them

7-8. When there is enough memory to fit a process in memory, but the space is not contiguous we need
A. Internal Fragmentation
B. Virtual Fragmentation
C. External Fragmentation
D. None of them

7-9. Piece of code that only one thread can execute at a time is called
A. Mutual Exclusion
B. Critical Section
C. Synchronization
D. All of them

7-10. When a thread waits indefinitely for some resource, but other threads are actually using it is called
A. Starvation
B. Demand Paging
C. Segmentation
D. None of them


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    • manish 5 December 2016 at 2:12 PM

      External Fragmentation is a process of allocating memory to a process in the memory but it is a non-contiguous allocation.

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