MCQ of Microsoft Word (Shortcut Keys) – Set 10

In this set of MCQ Questions you will get the Shortcut Keys related to the Microsoft Word, specially combine with Ctrl key. From alphabet A to J are presented in previous set “Shortcut Keys A to J” in this set continuing from alphabet K to T. In Microsoft Word Shortcut keys can be define with Ctrl, Alt or with Both.

MCQ on Microsoft Word

Multiple Choice Questions on Microsoft Word (Shortcut Keys)

10-1. Ctrl + K
A. Insert Page Humber
B. Insert Hyperlink
C. Insert Header
D. Insert Footer

10-2. Ctrl + L
A. Left Align
B. Left Indent        
C. Increase Left Margin
D. Decrease Left Margin

10-3. Ctrl + M
A. New Document
B. Close Document
C. Right Indent
D. Left Indent

10-4. Ctrl + N
A. Save Document
B. Open Document
C. New Document
D. Close Document

10-5. Ctrl + O
A. Save Document
B. Print Document
C. Close Document
D. Open Document

10-6. Ctrl + P
A. Open Paragraph Dialog Box
B. Open Page Format Dialog Box
C. Open Save Dialog Box
D. Open Print Dialog box

10-7. Ctrl + Q
A. Paragraph formatting (Line Space and Paragraph Space)
B. Close Word Application without saving Document
C. Print Whole Document without confirmation
D. Does nothing

10-8. Ctrl + R
A. Re-Open the last closed document
B. Re-Print the last printed page
C. Re-Apply the last paragraph formatting
D. Right align the selected Paragraph

10-9. Ctrl + S
A. Save Document with different name
B. Save Document with same name
C. Save Document and Close Word Application
D. Save Document and Print whole Pages

10-10. Ctrl + T
A. Hanging Indent
B. Left Indent
C. Open Tabs Dialog box
D. Terminate all opened Dialog box


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1 – B / 2 – A / 3 – D / 4 – C / 5 – D / 6 – D / 7 – A / 8 – D / 9 – B / 10 – A

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