MCQ of Microsoft Excel – Set 8

Microsoft Excel is widely use Spreadsheet application worldwide. In this set you will get 10 Multiple Choice Questions of Microsoft Excel and four options to each questions, only one options is correct answer. Select your answer and tally with the correct answer which is given at the bottom of this question set.

MCQ of Microsoft Excel

Multiple Choice Questions of Microsoft Excel

8-1  A function inside another function is called _______
A. Nested function
B. Round function
C. Sum function
D. Text function

8-2  Which of the following is not an underline option in the format cells dialog box?
A. Double
B. Single Accounting       
C. Double Accounting
D. Single Engineering

8-3  Formulas in Excel start with
A.   %
B.   =
C.   +
D.   –

8-4  The default header for a worksheet is
A. Username
B. Date and Time
C. Sheet tab Name
D. None

8-5  Which of the following is not an option of the spelling dialog box?
A. Ignore
B. Ignore all
C. Edit
D. Change

8-6  Which of the following methods will not enter data in a cell?
A. Pressing the Esc key
B. Pressing an arrow key
C. Pressing the tab key
D. Clicking the enter button to the formula bar

8-7  The cell reference for cell range of G2 to M12 is _______
A.   G2.M12
B.   G2;M12
C.   G2:M12
D.   G2-M12

8-8  What is the keyboard shortcut for creating a chart from the selected cell range?
A.   F2
B.   F4
C.   F8
D.   F11

8-9 The Software which contains rows and columns is called ______
A. Database
B. Drawing
C. Spreadsheet
D. Word processing

8-10 You can group noncontiguous worksheets with
A. The alt+enter key
B. The ctrl key and mouse
C. The shift key and the mouse
D. The group button on the standard toolbar


Click Here for Answers
1 – A / 2 – D / 3 – B / 4 – D / 5 – C / 6 – A / 7 – C / 8 – D / 9 – C / 10 – B

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