MCQ of Fundamentals of Computer – Set 9

In this set of MCQ Questions, you will get 10 Questions on Fundamentals of Computer. This series of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) covers the topics such as History of Computers, Generations of Computer, Computer Devices and Peripherals, Storage Devices, Computer Networking, Computer Viruses etc. Here is the 9th Set of this series.

MCQ on Fundamentals of Computer

Multiple Choice Questions on Fundamentals of Computers

9-1  Which of the following Language that Computer can Understand & Execute?
A.  Machine Language
B.  C Programming Language
C.  Java Programming Language
D.  None of the Above

9-2  Who is credited for using punch cards to control patterns of a weaving machine?
A.  Blaise Pascal
B.  Herman Hollerith        
C.  Jacquard
D.  Charles Babbage

9-3  Dedicated Computer means
A. Doesn’t have OS
B. Used by single person
C. Assigned to one and only one task
D. All of Above

9-4  Computer Keyboard can be classified as __________ Device?
A.  Memory
B.  Input
C.  Output
D.  Storage

9-5  Physical connection between Microprocessor Memory and other parts is called _________
A.  Path
B.  Hub
C.  Address bus
D.  None of the above

9-6  Shortcut Notation for groups of four Binary Digits is called ____________ Number System.
A.  Unicode
B.  Decimal
C.  Binary
D.  Hexadecimal

9-7  What is the full form of AT in the IBM PC-AT?
A.  Applied Technology
B.  Advance Technology
C.  Additional Technology
D.  None of the Above

9-8  ____________ has the shortest access times.
A.  Cache Memory
B.  Virtual Memory
C.  Secondary Memory
D.  All of the Above

9-9  In Computer terminology ‘CAD’ is stands for
A.  Computer And Design
B.  Computer Algorithm in Design
C.  Computer Aided Design
D.  None of the above

9-10  Which of the following is not an Input Device?
A.  Touch Screen
B.  Optical Scanners
C.  Touch Pad
D.  Mouse Pad


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1 – A / 2 – C / 3 – C / 4 – B / 5 – C / 6 – D / 7 – B / 8 – A / 9 – C / 10 – D

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