MCQ of Fundamentals of Computer – Set 6

6-1. What do you call the programs that are used to find out possible faults and their causes?
A. Operating system extensions
B. Cookies
C. Diagnostic software
D. Boot diskettes

6-2. Which programming languages are classified as low level languages?
B. Prolog 2, Expert Systems
C. Knowledge based Systems
D. Assembly Languages

6-3. Which of the following is not anti-viruses software?
B. F-Prot
C. Oracle
D. McAfee

6-4. Which device is required for the Internet connection?
A. Joystick
B. Modem
C. CD Drive
D. NIC Card

6-5. What does DMA stand for?
A. Distinct Memory Access
B. Direct Memory Access
C. Direct Module Access
D. Direct Memory Allocation

6-6. Which of the following is a storage device?
A. Tape
B. Hard Disk
C. Floppy Disk
D. All of the above

6-7. When did John Napier develop logarithm?
A. 1416
B. 1614
C. 1641
D. 1804

6-8. A normal CD-ROM usually can store up to __________data?
A. 680 KB
B. 680 Bytes
C. 680 MB
D. 680 GB

6-9. MIS is designed to provide information needed for effective decision making by?
A. Consumers
B. Workers
C. Foremen
D. Managers

6-10. What is a light pen?
A. Mechanical Input device
B. Optical input device
C. Electronic input device
D. Optical output device


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