MCQ of Fundamentals of Computer – Set 12

New MCQ Questions with Answer on the category of Fundamentals of Computer. In this MCQ Set you will get 10 Objective Questions with Answer related to Computer Fundamentals. As usual four options are given to each questions as possible answer but only one option is the correct answer, select your answer and check with the given correct answer. Correct answer are given below of the MCQ Sets.

MCQ of Fundamentals of Computer

Multiple Choice Questions of Fundamentals of Computers

12-1. All Computers (Mainframe, Mini or Micro) must have
B. Control Unit
C. Primary Storage
D. All of above

12-2. In Computer System Memory management operations are performed by
A. User
B. Hardware      
C. Programmer
D. Operating system

12-3. Computer Model IBM 1401 is
A. First Generation Computer
B. Second Generation Computer
C. Third Generation Computer
D. Fourth Generation Computer

12-4. In computing and electronic systems BCD is abbreviation of
A. Binary Coded Decimal
B. Binary Coded Digit
C. Bit Coded Decimal
D. Bit Coded Digit

12-5. Descending Order of a data Hierarchy is
A. Database – File – Record – Fields – Bytes – Bit
B. Database – File – Record – Fields – Bit – Bytes
C. Database – Record – File – Fields – Bytes – Bit
D. Database – Record – Fields – File – Bytes – Bit

12-6. Dedicated Computer is A
A. Computer having multiple Monitors
B. Computer assigned one task at a time
C. Computer having multiple Operating Systems
D. Computer is designed to use by single person

12-7. What is the second generation computers made?
A. Resistors
B. Transistors
C. Vacuum tubes
D. Integrated Circuits

12-8. Which of the following parameters decided the performance of the memory?
A. Latency
B. Cycle time
C. Transfer rate
D. All of the above

12-9. Which of the following is an important attribute of RAM memory?
A. Volatile
B. Non-Volatile
C. Random access
D. Sequential access

12-10. Data access time is depends on
A. Seek time
B. Rotational delay
C. Operating frequency
D. All of the above


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