MCQ of Fundamentals of Computer – Set 11

New MCQ Questions with Answer on the category of Fundamentals of Computer. In this MCQ Set you will get 10 Objective Questions with Answer related to Computer Fundamentals such as History & Generations of Computer, Computer Devices & Peripherals, Storage Devices, Computer Viruses etc… As usual four options are given to each questions as possible answer but only one option is the correct answer, Select your answer and check with the given correct answer. Correct answer can be found on the below of MCQ Sets.

MCQ of Computer Fundamentals

Multiple Choice Questions of Computer Fundamentals

11-1. Which Disk Format can access by MS-Dos 6.0?

11-2. In which mode Windows starts with only the core drivers & services?
A. Safe Mode
B. Quick Mode      
C. Normal Mode
D. Repair Mode

11-3. Microsoft Windows7 is not possible to installed on FAT32 Disk Format.
A. True
B. False

11-4. A series of MS-DOS Commands can be performed by
A. Typing all the commands Prompt in series by adding hyphen (-)
B. Copying all the commands into single Directory
C. Creating BAT File
D. This is not possible in MS-Dos

11-5. While starting Window XP/7 extra booting options can be shown by pressing
A. F1
B. F8
C. F9
D. F12

11-6. In Computer Architecture a Bus is _________
A. a collection of various software
B. a collection of various computers
C. a collection of shared communication wires
D. a collection of chairs where the user sits

11-7. The information stored in storage devices can be accessed in _________
A. RAM access & ROM access
B. Memory access & Disk access
C. Random access & shift access
D. Sequential access & Direct access

11-8. The acronym of WORM in a Computer System is
A. Write Only Read Only
B. Write Once Read Many
C. Write Only Read Memory
D. Write Once Read Memory

11-9. Which of the following is the most commonly used encoding standard of Unicode?
A. UTF-6
B. UTF-7
C. UTF-8
D. UTF-9

11-10. To “Debug” the System means ________
A. Find the Correct Software
B. Find the Correct Hardware
C. Find and Install correct System
D. Find and Correct Errors on System


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