MCQ of Fundamentals of Computer – Set 10

New MCQ Questions set on the category of Fundamentals of Computer. As usual in this set you will get 10 Questions on related to the category Fundamentals of Computer. This series of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) covers the topics such as History of Computers, Generations of Computer, Computer Devices and Peripherals, Storage Devices, Computer Viruses etc. This is the 10th Set of this series.

MCQ on Fundamentals of Computer

Multiple Choice Questions on Fundamentals of Computers

10-1 What is Unicode?
A. Standard Font
B. Software
C. Character Encoding System
D. Keyboard Layout

10-2 In Computer System Scanner is ______ Device?
A. Input
B. Output        
C. Both
D. None

10-3 Which of the following memory has the shortest access time?
A. Virtual Memory
B. Cache Memory
C. External Memory
D. Register

10-4 Speed of Laser Printer is measured in

10-5 Which of the following device cannot be shared in Network?
A. CD Drive
B. Printer
C. Mouse
D. Hard Disk

10-6 Which of the following is not Computer Hardware?
A. Mouse
B. Monitor
C. Antivirus
D. Printer

10-7 What is the main purpose of the secondary storage device?
A. To increase the speed of Computer
B. To Install Operating System
C. To Networking
D. To Store Data

10-8 Which of the following memories needs refresh?
D. All of above

10-9 A Dumb terminal has
A. Processor and Keyboard
B. Processor and Hard Disk
C. Keyboard and Hard Disk
D. Keyboard and Screen

10-10 Who invented Integrated Circuit (IC)?
A. Herman Hollerith
B. Jack Kilby
C. Semen Korsakov
D. Bill Gates


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1 – C / 2 – A / 3 – B / 4 – B / 5 – C / 6 – C / 7 – D / 8 – A / 9 – D / 10 – B

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