MCQ of Computer Networking – Set 7

A new set of Objective Questions with Answer in the Computer Networking category. As usual there are 10 MCQ Questions with Answer related to Computer Networking. Four options for each questions and only one options is the correct answer. Correct answers of these Objective Questions / Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are given below of this question set.

MCQ Questions of Computer Networking

Multiple Choice Questions of Computer Networking

7-1. DHCP Server provides _____ to the client.
A. Protocol
B. IP Address
C. MAC Address
D. Network Address

7-2. A set of rules that govern all aspects of information communication is called
A. Server
B. Internet            
C. Protocol
D. OSI Model

7-3. The processes on each machine that communicate at a given layer are called
A. UDP process
B. Intranet process
C. Server technology
D. Peer-peer process

7-4. The duration of time it takes to send a message from one end of a network to the other and back is called
A. Round Trip Time (RTT)
B. Full Duplex Time (FDT)
C. Circle Trip Time (CTT)
D. Data Travelling Time (DTT)

7-5. Which of the following layer is not network support layer?
A. Transport Layer
B. Network Layers
C. Data link Layer
D. Physical Layer

7-6. For error detection ________ is used by the higher layer protocols (TCP/IP).
A. Bit-sum
B. Checksum
C. Data-sum
D. Error-bit

7-7. The amount of data that can be carried from one point to another in a given time period is called
A. Scope
B. Capacity
C. Bandwidth
D. Limitation

7-8. Controlling access to a network by analyzing the incoming and outgoing packets is called
A. IP Filtering
B. Data Filtering
C. Packet Filtering
D. Firewall Filtering

7-9. The management of data flow between computers or devices or between nodes in a network is called
A. Flow control
B. Data Control
C. Data Management
D. Flow Management

7-10. Which of the following is not the possible ways of data exchange?
A. Simplex
B. Multiplex
C. Half-duplex
D. Full-duplex


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