MCQ of C/C++ Programming Language – Set 6

This is the another set of Multiple Choice Questions of C/C++ Programming Language. Here in this set you will get 10 MCQ questions related to C or C++ programming language and four options to each questions, only one options is correct answer. First select your answer and tally with the correct answer which is given at the bottom of this question set.

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Multiple Choice Questions of C, C++ Programming Language

6.1  What is the correct value to return to the operating system upon the successful completion of a program?
A.  0
B.  1
C.  –1
D.  Programs do not return a value.

6.2  What is the only function all C++ programs must contain?
A.  start()
B.  program()       
C.  system()
D.  main()

6.3  What punctuation is used to the beginning and end of code blocks?
B.  ( and )
C.  { and }
D.  -> and <-

6.4  What punctuation must be used to end lines of C++ code?
A.  . (dot)
B.  ‘ (single quote)
C.  ; (semi-colon)
D.  : (colon)

6.5  Which of the following is a correct comment?
A.  */ Comments */
B.  /* Comment */
C.  ** Comment **
D.  { Comment }

6.6  Which of the following is not a correct variable type?
A.  double
B.  float
C.  int
D.  real

6.7  Which of the following is the correct operator to compare two variables?
A.  =
B.  ==
C.  :=
D.  equal

6.8  Which of the following is the Boolean operator for logical and?
A.  &
B.  &&
C.  |&
D.  ||

6.9  The directives for the preprocessors begin with
A.  Ampersand symbol (&)
B.  Less than symbol (<)
C.  Two Slashes (//)
D.  Number Sign (#)

6.10  The file “iostream” includes
A.  The streams of includes and outputs of program effect.
B.  The declarations of the basic standard input-output library.
C.  Both of these
D.  None of these


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