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MCQ of Microsoft Word – Set 3

This MCQ Questions for those user who wants to test their knowledge in Microsoft Word. There are 10 Questions and below the every question there are four options but only one options is the right answer. Answers of these MCQs are given below. Compare your choice with the answer. 3-1. Which enables us to send the same letter […]

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MCQ of Microsoft Word – Set 2

2-1. Single spacing in MS-WORD document causes ____ point line spacing? A. 10 B. 12 C. 14 D. 16 2-2. Which would you choose to display the statistics about a document? A. tools, word count B. insert, statistics Incoming search terms:foxpro objective type questions answersfoxpro multiple choice question answerfoxpro mcqfoxpro multiple choice question answer pdfwhich […]

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MCQ of Microsoft Word – Set 1

1-1. Which option in File pull-down menu is used to close a file in MSWord? A. New B. Quit C. Close D. Exit 1-2. Which bar is usually located below that Title Bar that provides categorized options? A. Menu bar B. Status Bar Incoming search terms:using find command in word we can searchccc mcqwhich key […]

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