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MCQ of Web Designing – Set 3

3-1.  With regards to e-mail addresses: A. they must always contain an @ symbol B. they can never contain spaces C. they are case-insensitive D. all of the above 3-2.  A homepage is __________ A. an index of encyclopedia articles B. where all Internet data is stored        Incoming search terms:mcq on internetwhich […]

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MCQ of Web Designing – Set 2

2-1.  <TITLE> … </TITLE> tag must be within ________ A. Title B. Form C. Header D. Body 2-2.  Text within <EM> … </EM> tag is displayed as ________ A. bold B. italic      Incoming search terms:html multiple choice questions and answers pdfhtml mcq questions with answers pdfwhich tag is used to display the large […]

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MCQ of Web Designing – Set 1

1-1.  What is the full form of HTML? A. Hyper text markup language B. Hyphenation text markup language C. Hyphenation test marking language D. Hyper text marking language 1-2.  What is the full form of HTTP? A. Hyper text transfer protocol B. Hyper text transfer package      Incoming search terms:HTML document start and end […]

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