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MCQ of C/C++ Programming Language – Set 3

3.1 “C” was primarily developed as a a. Systems Programing Language b. General Purpose Language c. Data Processing Language d. None of the above 3.2 “C” is a a. High Level Language b. Low Level Language    Incoming search terms:c was primarily developed as ac was primarily developed asThe const feature can be applied toc […]

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MCQ of C/C++ Programming Language – Set 2

2-1. A constructor is called whenever A.  a object is declared B.  an object is used C.  a class is declared D.  a class is used 2-2. Overload function in C++ A.  a group function with the same name B.  all have the same number and type of arguments  Incoming search terms:in c a function […]

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MCQ of C/C++ Programming Language – Set 1

1-1. C++ was originally developed by A.  Nicolas Wirth B.  Donald Knuth C.  Bjarne Stroustrup D.  Ken Thompson 1-2. The standard C++ comment A.  / B.  // Incoming search terms:c mcqmcq on ccomments put in cells are calledc objective questionsc mcq with answersdbms objective questionsc mcqs with answersmcq on c with answersmcq in cwhen a […]

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